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Gunshot victim reunites with paramedics at Congressional baseball practice

Paramedic Chad Shade and now-retired paramedic Fiona Apple said they are thrilled by the progress of Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika, who was shot twice last June


By EMS1 Staff

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A lobbyist who was shot at the GOP congressional baseball team practice last June reunited with the paramedics who saved him.

WTOP reported that paramedic Chad Shade and now-retired paramedic Fiona Apple reunited with Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika at the first practice since the incident at Eugene Simpson Field, where James Hodgkinson opened fire near the third base dugout.

Mika was shot twice in the incident, including once in the chest.

“I was standing by the first base dugout — I got shot once in the chest, trying to leave,” Mika said. “And then, when I was behind the SUV, next to Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey, I got shot in the arm.”

Mika now bears a long scar on his left forearm and said he has “full function,” but cannot feel his hand.

Shade and Apple said they weren’t sure Mika was going to survive when they first saw his injuries, so they are thrilled to see the progress he has made.

“Matt didn’t look very well, and I was very concerned,” Apple said. “Fortunately we got him out of here very quickly, and got him to (George Washington University Hospital) in 10 minutes. Everything fell into place for him.”

“Luckily, Chad and Fiona were able to get me out of here in time, and over to the hospital. With their training, and the grace of God, I’m standing here,” Mika said.

Mika used a baseball analogy to add that it’s important to move past the experience.

“Every day you come out here it’s 0-0, and no matter what you did yesterday, you can forget it and move on past that horrible incident.”

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