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EMS provider pulls neighbor from burning truck on way home

Gretna Rescue Squad 1st Lt. Pernice White jumped into action after seeing her neighbor’s truck on fire while driving home


Lt. Pernice White (right) is shown accepting the Captain’s Choice Award in 2013.

Photo/Gretna Rescue Squad

By EMS1 Staff

GRETNA, Va. — An EMS provider saved her neighbor from his burning truck after spotting the crash on her way home from work.

Roanoke Times reported that 14-year veteran Gretna Rescue Squad 1st Lt. Pernice White spotted a burning pickup truck wedged between trees on the side of a sharp turn and pulled over to help.

Lt. White said it wasn’t until she got closer that she heard screams and realized she recognized the truck as her neighbor’s. She called 911 before jumping into action.

“I ran over and started calling his name, and I started pulling on him trying to get him out,” Lt. White said.

White performed her first emergency extraction and hauled the man to safety before the fire department arrived to douse the flames.

“She did an excellent job and we’re really proud of her,” Gretna Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chad Hogan said.

“It’s an act of heroism,” Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors member Ben Farmer said. “Having the bravery to put your own wellbeing to the side to risk for a fellow citizen is the definition of heroism.”

Lt. White credited the fire department and EMS providers who helped her in the incident.

“We work together as a team, and we work together as a family,” she said. “They did what needed to be done.”

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