Report: ER visits have increased for child concussions

The American Academy of Pediatrics found that the number of children between the ages of 8 and 13 visiting ERs for concussions has doubled

By EMS1 Staff

ITASCA, Ill. — The number of children visiting emergency rooms for concussions has greatly increased, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

KRISTV reported that the number of children between the ages of 8 and 13 visiting ERs for concussions has doubled, and that concussions among teens from the age of 14 to 19 have risen 200 percent in the last decade.

Experts said the rise in visits is good, because it likely means that parents and coaches are more aware of the dangers of head injuries.

"Every head injury is a potential life-threatening event.  When the event happens, especially when the kid or adult is playing a sport, the patient should be removed from the immediate activity and be observed on how he does,” Corpus Christi Medical Center Emergency Director Dr. Juan Ramirez said.  “Most of the time, patients recover, however, in more serious injuries the patient might have a head bleed, others might have a fracture of the skull, or other injuries that will require medical attention.”

Dr. Ramirez added that it is important for the patient to be checked up on to make sure there is no brain bleeding.

"I recommend every patient who has a concussion to come in. Because even though the initial symptoms like amnesia and confusion can look like the patient is getting better, sometimes they can bleed inside the brain,” he said. “So, I would recommend whenever we have a concussion, come back and get your care with your doctor, and then we will do the proper exams that we need to make sure you are safe to go home.”


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