EMS students raise questions about instructor's qualifications

The EMS program at Metropolitan Community College’s Penn Valley Campus is under scrutiny after several students claimed they are not being properly taught

By EMS1 Staff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A college’s EMS program is being investigated after several students raised questions about the lead teacher’s qualifications.

FOX4 KC reported that at least four students enrolled in Metropolitan Community College’s Penn Valley Campus EMS training program claimed they are not being taught required curriculum, and added that program director and lead teacher Lisa McGuire lashed out at them when they came to her with the issue.

The students also claimed that multiple teachers in the department demanded the dean investigate McGuire’s credentials, alleging that she is not qualified to teach EMS.

Classes have now been cancelled so that a full investigation can be conducted, and the college issued a statement saying they have just now become aware of the issue.

"We are addressing those concerns directly with students and working to assure them of the college's commitment to provide a quality EMS program," the statement said.

The college added that McGuire is still employed and ensured that all teachers undergo a credentialing process to make sure they meet program requirements.


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