Video: Man suffers heart attack at Heart Attack Grill

Paramedics were called to treat the man at the restaurant

CBS News

LAS VEGAS — The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is proud of its name. It warns customers, "This establishment is bad for your health."

So this story may sound too good to be true: A customer at the restaurant, while eating a 6,000-calorie burger called the Triple Bypass Burger, was stricken with an apparent heart attack. And it was all caught on the cell phone video.

The video of the incident went viral online. The video shows paramedics wheeling a man having a heart attack out of a restaurant that advertises its food can kill. It's the kind of publicity other restaurants would run from — but not this one. Jon Basso, owner of the Heart Attack Grill, told CBS News, "We throw slogans at you like, 'Taste worth dying for.'"

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