EMT saves cop, lifelong friend from carbon monoxide poisoning

Officer Ricardo Biddy was sitting in his cruiser talking to Phil Martin on the phone when his speech became slurred

By EMS1 Staff

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. — An EMT is being credited with saving his best friend and colleague from carbon monoxide poisoning earlier this month. 

Seat Pleasant volunteer EMT Phil Martin was talking on the phone to his best friend and police officer Ricardo Biddy, who is also an EMT, March 3. Martin and Biddy have known each other since they were 7 years old.

After his shift, officer Biddy drove home and was sitting in his police cruiser in his driveway talking to Martin on the phone, reported WJLA.

“He started to mumble about subjects, stuff that I was unfamiliar with, and then he was silent,” Martin said.

Following his instincts, Martin called 911 and immediately drove to Biddy’s home. “I found him unresponsive in his cruiser,” Martin said. “I pulled him out of his cruiser and tried to stimulate his chest.”

Officer Biddy was transported to the hospital as soon as responders arrived to the scene; he was treated and later released. 

“To say that your best friend came to your aid and saved your life, it’s remarkable,” Biddy said. “I’ll forever be grateful to him.”

Martin was presented an award for his actions Wednesday, reported Baltimore CBS. “Your quick thinking and immediate action helped save the life of your friend and colleague and are commendable and worthy of recognition,” the award read. “Your actions reflect well on you personally and professionally and exemplify the excellent caliber of service we strive to provide at all times and in every circumstance.”

Prior to the incident, Biddy had complained twice about the exhaust fumes from his vehicle, but maintenance could not find a problem. The dealership later found a crack in a part of the vehicle’s engine. 

The police department said Biddy’s vehicle was an isolated incident.


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