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Ind. FD begins carrying whole blood

South Bend Fire Department is one of three in the state now carrying whole blood

By Bill Carey

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The South Bend Fire Department has added whole blood administration to its EMS functions, enhancing its capability to save lives in critical situations.

The department’s EMS command vehicle will carry one unit of whole blood at all times, WNDU reported.

“It is a huge stepping stone for the department,” Assistant Chief of EMS Andrew Myer said. “Not only the fact that we are one of the first ones in Indiana to do it but it gives our responders another tool in the toolbox to help people out in the community.”

South Bend is one of three fire departments in the state, and the only department in northern Indiana equipped with whole blood. The first two departments were Indianapolis EMS and the Crawfordsville Fire Department.

“I am extremely pleased that the South Bend Fire Department is continuing its top-notch efforts of saving lives and providing the best care for the citizens in South Bend and surrounding areas,” South Bend Fire Chief Carl Buchanan said. “Having whole blood when urgently needed in pre-hospital prescribed situations is essential and proven to help those who have sustained significant blood loss.”

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