Assessing patients with autism: Pitfalls and communication tips

Jennifer Dantzler, director of the Including Kids Autism Center, joins the podcast to share how EMS can better care for and communicate with patients with autism

Anytime we arrive on scene with blaring sirens and flashing lights, this can be exceedingly stressful on patients and families. This is especially true for our patients with autism.

In this episode of the MCHD Paramedic Podcast, MCHD Medical Directors Dr. Robert Dickson and Dr. Casey Patrick are joined by Jennifer Dantzler, director of the Including Kids Autism Center and a true expert in the field of autism spectrum disorder.

Together, they discuss autism basics along with some tools you can use in the prehospital setting to better care for and communicate with our autistic patients, including:

  • What is the biggest issue when communicating with individuals who have autism?
  • Are people with autism violent? 
  • What are common medications that persons with autism may be taking?
  • What is STEMMING?
  • What are the worst mistakes people make when trying to communicate, direct or assess someone who has autism?
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