Mom of 8-month-old attacked by dog thanks first responders

Baby Naomi spent two days in intensive care after being attacked by the family dog, and her mother, Alyssa Monnier, had the chance to thank her rescuers

By EMS1 Staff

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A grateful mother had the chance to thank the first responders who assisted after her 8-month-old daughter was attacked by the family dog in December.

Alyssa Monnier and baby Naomi were reunited with Paramedic Cody Brooks and EMT Terry Masters, who responded to the call when the family dog, a 6-year-old Labrador, attacked the 8-month-old.

Monnier immediately called 911.

“She came walking out of the house, and I don't know who had the most blood on them,” Masters said in an interview with The Journal Gazette. “I’ve seen dog bites, but nothing like that.”

Monnier was shocked at the time, too.

“When I was holding Naomi that day, I thought we were going to lose her,” she said.

At a news conference on Monday, Brooks and Masters were able to see how far Naomi had come since her two-day stay in the intensive care, where a plastic surgeon repaired her cheek.

“It's actually amazing to hear back from patients,” Brooks said. “It's pure joy when we hear we helped somebody and they're doing well.”

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