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Man arrested for impersonating EMS to avoid traffic

Police said Christopher Parachinni activated red and blue lights on his car and put on a shirt with an EMS symbol to force drivers to switch lanes in heavy traffic

By EMS1 Staff

MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. — A man was arrested for impersonating an EMS provider by donning lights on his car to get out of a traffic jam, according to police.

The Morning Call reported that Christopher Parachinni faces charges of impersonating a public servant after activating blue and red lights on his car and donning a shirt with an EMS symbol on it to force drivers to switch lanes to get through heavy traffic, according to trooper Thomas Rehberg.

Rehberg said Parachinni was found assisting a driver in a disabled vehicle by police after a witness reported his car. Police said he had an EMS shirt on but did not have any identification from an agency.

Police said Parachinni identified himself as a firefighter and EMT, but when the agency he claimed to work for was contacted, officials said Parachinni had not worked there since 2013.