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Video: Texas police, EMS respond to 2 dogs’ fatal attack on elderly couple

A San Antonio man died and an EMS captain was bitten on the leg during the incident


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By Mitchell Willetts
The Charlotte Observer

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A man is dead and another is in custody after a pair of dogs attacked a couple and a police officer outside a Texas home, San Antonio police say.

The couple, an 81-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman, were going to visit the home of a friend on the city’s southwest side Friday, Feb. 24, the San Antonio Police Department said in a news release.

When they arrived and got out of their vehicle, two American Staffordshire Terriers escaped from the yard of a neighboring home and started mauling the couple, police said. Witnesses called 911.

The dogs were still attacking when first responders arrived, according to police. An EMS captain tried to step in, and one of the dogs bit them in the leg, police said.

The couple and the captain were taken to a hospital for treatment, police said. The 81-year-old man died from his injuries.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services investigated the attacks, and the 31-year-old owner of the dogs was arrested on charges of attack by dangerous dog causing death and injury to an elderly person, the release said.

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