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1 killed, 1 injured in ‘very aggressive’ bee attack, Texas fire officials say

First responders went through the swarm to aid the patients and protect the surviving victim

fatal bee attack breckenridge texas removing hive

Photo/Breckenridge Fire Department

By Laura French

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas — One person was killed and another was injured in a severe bee attack at a Texas home on Monday.

Breckenridge firefighters, AMR EMS providers and Stephens County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the scene and “were met with very aggressive bee activity,” according to the Breckenridge Fire Chief Calvin Chaney. Firefighters and paramedics went through the swarm to enter the home where the two patients were inside with sting injuries.

One of the patients had gone into cardiac arrest, and AMR crewmembers began lifesaving measures but were unable to revive the patient. A firefighter removed their protective gear and put it onto the second patient to shield her from the bees as she was escorted out of the home. The surviving patient was removed from the scene in the fire chief’s vehicle and later transported to the hospital for treatment.

Sheriff’s deputies went door-to-door in the neighborhood to advise residents not to use noise-making equipment outside so the bees could be calmed and the swarm could be brought under control. A local beekeeper, Joey Venekamp, reached out to the fire chief to offer his assistance and used his own equipment to help locate and remove the hive.

The hive was located and removed by Venekamp and Breckenridge Firefighter Chad Kiles with hand tools and foam, according to Chaney.

“Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers during this traumatic and sad day,” Chaney wrote. “First responders were faced with the daunting task of patient care and treatment during the attack and remained professional through the event.”[0]=AZUHOMatt0ArxLaj27qk8Y2kDc_XVoFMAoxGOVBi853yDq2chj1z3DMr_enMvM2BxDSQISVwSuBB8rCdH8VIoC9FJ0BfV6EfAj2WYmZX1BwVSyLOsKNLGJzXBnhNJ36vtM6vV2vv-2--GPxoYAQ05CgO&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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