Houston ambulance assigned to President Trump's motorcade breaks down

The ALS ambulance, which was one of two assigned to the motorcade, highlighted the equipment issues the Houston Fire Department is facing

By EMS1 Staff

HOUSTON — An ambulance assigned to President Donald Trump’s motorcade during his visit to Houston broke down after overheating.

Click2Houston reported that the ALS ambulance, which was one of two assigned to the motorcade, was quickly replaced, but the incident highlighted equipment issues that the Houston Fire Department is facing.

An investigation led by Click2Houston found that around 50 department apparatus have faulty air conditioning systems.

An anonymous firefighter said crew members are suffering from heat fatigue before arriving on scenes because the air coming through the vent is 90 degrees and they are in full turnout gear.

"They're already winded, already hot, heat exhaustion is probably setting in and they haven't even done any work yet," the firefighter said.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said he is not concerned about the issue. 

"I have a great deal of confidence in the city's preparation. You go out today and you will find some bus, truck or car that is not functioning; that doesn't mean the fleet is not capable of protecting the city of Houston," he said.

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