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Video: Man arrested after ramming parked cars with ambulance

A MEDIC crew and patient were inside the rig when the man jumped into the driver’s seat


Police arrested a man who is accused of stealing an ambulance and then using it to crash into vehicles in a parking lot.


By EMS1 Staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police arrested a man who is accused of stealing an ambulance and then using it to crash into vehicles in a parking lot.

WSOCTV reported that the suspect had originally been reported for damaging property inside of an office building before he left and stole the ambulance.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said a MEDIC crew was inside the rig at the time, treating a patient when the man climbed into the driver seat.

MEDIC told WSOCTV that the crew and the patient were able to safely leave the rig before the man started his rampage in the parking lot.

A witness sent the TV station a video capturing the ambulance crashing into parked cars, repeatedly.

One person can be heard on the video saying, “Oh my god, oh my god. I cannot believe what I am watching. He’s out of the car. He’s running up the road.”

Police were able to take the man into custody. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

MEDIC Operations Manager Michael Stanford spoke with WSOCTV:

“Absolutely not a daily occurrence,” Stanford said. “Very rare occurrence for this to happen. We are fortunate no one was injured.”[0]=68.ARASK4sYCnWlRqbYhTjFp0h8ZVI5RB6VVOpx2IZTnKh5_PiIKeYQPOLzdvXk0QAzEZ22RoJyiLnebL_6NTThDC2OwTAijsqbNMj-CCwezeMv5nfTpB0wr7vLgmL5rq4-x98i4wZUuOR-CBxIYEsjuD6pGK2oRxwnaee-Mx-ezIxHX24q4GIdTaN0okFeUdbAZorunDckAdwinxcaTJ9h2TFyFmyYgLY8HQE-mbtssK3vkyRb5Hf-ukZucObGZ00W4SdwHXj3zRk2TXu18zKAWjH0NTarlm_QN-hrc-4vX6Z3UdkiBc_Pw_Xs1TBCsmOTr1biRhJuyKABuQ2mmV5dZeJuFFxa5zouKf_6FLIU5wBptoTDwWYuHbfBGZI3q59VfDcQmzrAzwRK_8pH0tre0min9NLXyXZML9-cXRDNcy4wN_o8KM46ByIZCYFH4GnfoYB5IfQCpL7MHequFk6rgS6WQrQh2PUducoSJVZlnFSIZ4O4Li2-aEoZu-7X9fQdQY21&__tn__=H-R

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