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Ousted Ill. hospital patient steals ambulance

Officials said the man stole the ambulance and crashed it into a light pole after being kicked out of the hospital for growing disruptive

By EMS1 Staff

CHICAGO — A man was arrested for stealing an ambulance and crashing it after being kicked out of a hospital, according to officials.

Chicago Tribune reported that the man grew impatient and disruptive while waiting for treatment at St. Bernard Hospital.

Police said staff ejected him from the hospital, and he then stole an ambulance parked outside and drove it around for a block before crashing into a light pole.

The man kept driving the ambulance with two flat tires, a partially crushed bumper and a missing headlight before he was pulled over by police.

The man was transported back to St. Bernard’s Hospital for treatment, according to police.

No one was injured in the incident.