Top 5 EMS videos of April 2016

Among this month's clips were 12-lead ECG interpretation tips and a demonstration on how to assist with childbirth

A Tennessee EMS department featured in Chris Stapleton's song "Fire Away" and a demonstration on how to cannulate the external jugular vein were among this month's top videos.

Tenn. EMS department featured in music video

The video for Chris Stapleton's song "Fire Away" includes footage of Sumner County first responders and is meant to draw attention to mental health issues.


How to cannulate the external jugular vein

Demonstration and discussion of techniques to gain intravenous access through the external jugular vein.


12-lead ECG interpretation tips

This four-step technique will help you interpret your 12-lead ECGs.



How to treat flash pulmonary edema

Review the life-threatening condition of flash pulmonary edema and its management.


How to assist with childbirth and clamp the umbilical cord

Certified nurse midwife and nurse practitioner demonstrates how to deliver a birth in different positions.

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