Top 10 viral EMS videos of 2017

These videos give you a chance to look back on 2017 and remember what everyone was watching

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By EMS1 Staff

Whether it was a creatively humorous way to teach a lesson, a contribution to a viral trend or a tear-jerking reunion, the EMS videos were pretty great this year.

We collected 10 of our personal favorites to give you a chance to look back on 2017 and remember what everyone was watching.

If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comment section below.

10. Responders make lip dub video to '24K Magic'

The same community that brought you their viral spin on “Uptown Funk” followed up with a lip dub video to "24K Magic" to show the special relationship between responders and the citizens they serve.

9. News anchor flags down rescue boat to save truck driver


As many of you know, KHOU 11 News was evacuated due to flooding. That meant my photographer Mario and I were the only ones left on air for ... well ... I don't even know how long. The #KHOU11 signal cut out just as Harris County Sheriff's Office crews got their rescue boat in the water to pull a semi driver out of his flooded cab. I've had SO many people asking if he made it out OK and I wanted to share the video. (We kept going and rolling until the camera's battery died, not knowing we'd been knocked off the air.) They pull him out around the 4:40 mark. THANK GOD for that crew.

Posted by Brandi Smith KHOU on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Houston reporter Brandi Smith and photographer Mario Sandoval were in the middle of a live broadcast when Sandoval noticed a truck submerged in the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey with the driver inside.

8. EMS providers haul 15,000-pound ambulance 100 feet


Watch Worcester EMS pull an ambulance 100 feet!

Posted by Worcester on Friday, June 23, 2017

A group of six Worcester EMS providers pulled the 15,000-pound ambulance after 30 minutes of physical activity during a physical fitness rally.

7. Paramedic reunites with dog after 164-hour shift


My wife Karen Elkins just got home after working 164 hours straight on the ambulance due to Hurricane Harvey. Our lab Peck was just a little happy to see his momma.

Posted by Derek Elkins on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Paramedic Karen Elkins spent a week providing aid to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and returned home to one very excited pooch.

6. Medical center encourages quick response with ‘Fast Fast Baby’

The "Sepsis Crew," A.K.A. Kern Medical Center staff, took a page out of Vanilla Ice’s book to educate people on the importance of fast action in stroke cases with verses such as "Alright stop, take notes and listen. P is back with a stroke rendition.”

5. Paramedic breakdances to 'Uptown Funk' at music festival

Who says first responders can’t enjoy the show a little while standing by at a music festival? One rhythmically-inclined paramedic busted out moves such as the worm and a handstand.

4. FDNY EMT sings national anthem at NFL game

FDNY EMT Sarah McShane started off the 4th annual NFL First Responders Night with one excellent rendition of the national anthem while 150 responders held the American flag.

3. High school football team pushes ambulance off field

After the ambulance became stuck on the field when it arrived to transport an injured player, the Northmor football team highlighted their teamwork skills by giving it a giant shove.

2. Firefighter-paramedic comforts 4-year-old girl after fatal crash


2 killed. 6 injured including 2 children after big rig crash in #LaMesa. But this touching scene shows a firefighter really stepping up to comfort the youngest victim of the crash. We are at Rady Children's with what we know about this firefighter, the adults injured in the crash and how the girls are recovering. NBC 7 San Diego @ 4:30AM-7AM.

Posted by Liberty Zabala on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Heartland Fire and Rescue firefighter-paramedic Ryan Lopez, who's also a new father, scooped up the girl and carried her away from the wreckage as her mother and sister were treated for injuries after a big rig driver lost control and crashed into a concrete wall.

1. T-Rex duo does CPR


Take a look at what happens behind the doors of Back Mountain Regional.

Posted by Back Mountain Regional Fire & EMS, Dallas PA on Saturday, March 4, 2017

Back Mountain Regional Fire and EMS went prehistoric with their CPR training and donned the ever-popular T-Rex suits to prove that dinosaurs can save lives too.

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