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Inside EMS: Challenges and opportunities for EMS in 2024

Our cohosts tackle system design, enhancing education standards and personal accountability

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The first episode of Inside EMS in 2024, hosted by Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson, offered valuable insights into what’s needed to overcome the challenges for EMTs, paramedics and EMS agencies in the year ahead.

Memorable quotes

  • “We need to take charge and, and steer our profession, and generally we don’t – as a profession, we tend to be reactive rather than proactive.” — Kelly Grayson
  • “We have to be worthy of [trust and respect]. And that’s what we’re trying to do here. So be better than the people you’ve seen.” — Kelly Grayson
  • “You don’t let the people around you dictate your professionalism.” — Chris Cebollero
  • “Patient assessment is the most important skill a paramedic, EMT has.” — Chris Cebollero

Key takeaways

  • 2024 EMS Trend Survey. The hosts highlighted the importance of the What Paramedics Want in 2024 annual EMS trend survey focusing on recruitment, retention, safety, health, wellness, technology adaptation and career development.
Help us identify the factors impacting wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS

  • Future of EMS system design. The podcast touched on the issues faced by volunteer and rural EMS agencies, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions and cooperation among various squads. The discussion focused on evolving EMS, particularly the potential shift from paramedic/EMT teams to dual EMT teams with paramedics in chase vehicles, to enhance the use of EMT capabilities.
  • Advocating proactivity in EMS. Grayson stressed the importance of being proactive rather than reactive in shaping the EMS profession, especially in education and practice standards. Both cohosts underscored the importance of ongoing personal and professional development, advocating for a culture of continual learning and improvement in EMS.
  • Enhancing education and professional standards. The conversation delved into the challenges of EMS education, particularly in teaching comprehensive patient assessment and encouraging paramedics to expect more of themselves. Grayson shared experiences from teaching paramedic classes, focusing on the need for instructors to balance high expectations with realistic goals for entry-level paramedics. The goal for 2024, as expressed by Grayson, is to produce a new wave of competent paramedics, challenging existing educational norms to improve overall EMS quality.
  • Importance of patient assessment skills: The cohosts also emphasized the critical role of patient assessment in EMS, advocating for more thorough and continuous assessment throughout patient care.

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The episode provided valuable insights into the current state and future directions of EMS, highlighting challenges and opportunities. These discussions are vital for EMTs and paramedics as they navigate their careers in 2024.

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