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EMS1 Guide to a good night’s sleep

Tactical napping: An EMS bedtime story

The Army Field Manual (AFM) 7-22 – Holistic Health and Fitness establishes the Army’s doctrine for the readiness training of soldiers. The 244-page tome lays out an entire ethos of how the soldier can be physically, mentally and spiritually ready to fight. Part and parcel of that preparation includes nutritional and sleep readiness. While we are not training to fight the enemy, we are training to be ready to serve our communities – 24/7/365. Fatigue is very real in any EMS or public safety system and the way we sleep, the quality of our sleep, and importantly the length of out sleep can shape the effectiveness of our job performance.

In this video, find 6 takeaways from the Army’s Field Manual for getting a good night’s sleep.