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‘I’ll never forget that call ...’

EMS1 Unforgettable Calls is a place where EMS providers from across the country can connect to share their stories about the calls that have stayed with them, everything from responding to a family member’s emergency to the memorable moment a patient thanked them for saving their life.

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We learn so much from the actions of others, even simply knowing that others have been through similar experiences. Share your dramatic rescues, touch-and-go moments with patients, the humanity of brothers and sisters helping each other after natural disasters – any moment you consider truly unforgettable.

Photo credit: American Ambulance Association

Stabilizing a patient in despair suffering from tracheostomy bleeding
I started fishing in my handlebar bag for my Garmin InReach as I rolled up on a younger man attempting inadequate CPR on an older man”
It took police, firefighters and EMS working together to get this patient to the ambulance
Students at Respond Right EMS Academy had just learned about seizures when hours later, their instructor began convulsing, leading them to put their newly learned skills to the test
FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel Sheridan shares the unforgettable close calls that have given him pause
Five years after the Route 91 Harvest Festival MCI, a paramedic reflects on a frightening moment, and the lessons learned
A volunteer firefighter/paramedic was in the right place at the right time for an expectant mother and her visiting family
How to best manage our high-stress, time-compressed working conditions to control fight-or-flight response
An AEMT recalls a response to what appeared to be a stroke, which turned into a chest pain scenario
Band employee jumps in a swamp to assist with cardiac arrest
Acadian Paramedic Heather Waites and EMT Ryan Wilkenfeld were recently awarded for their actions after witnessing the crash
Paramedic Shea Lathrum and EMT Brandon Busch were returning from an out-of-county transport when they saw a car leave the roadway and catch fire
Breaking down police, fire rescue, EMS roles in a traffic incident management system
Daniel O’Beirne and Jordan Reed, two strangers with fire and EMS backgrounds, worked together to save a driver whose semi-truck struck a pole and burst into flames
Bob Stanczyk was putting out hot spots when he noticed discomfort in his left shoulder; alerting EMTs he didn’t feel right saved his life
A serendipitous stop at a drive-in leads to saving a young man experiencing V-fib – and a new friendship