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Video: Russian forces use ‘double-tap’ strikes to hit first responders

A CNN news team saw the tactic firsthand as they accompanied paramedics responding to a call to help a wounded man


Photo/Getty Images

By Leila Merrill

KHARKIV, Ukraine — Russian forces attacking targets in Kharkiv have been using what CNN characterized as “double-tap” strikes – hitting a target, waiting for first responders to show up, and hitting the spot again.

A CNN team witnessed Ukrainian Paramedics Alexandra Rudkovskaya and Vladimir Venzel on the job in Kharkiv on Monday. They went to find a person wounded as Russian forces were shelling. Then the building next door was struck.

The medics managed to find the wounded man and treat him.

Each member of their crew has a flak jacket, but there is only one helmet among three people.

Rudkovskaya and Venzel told CNN they are staying on the job.

“What else did we spend six years studying for?” says Ventsel, who has a son who is two years old. “You feel an obligation to help people who are left here.”

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