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Man posing as EMT walks into Mass. home

Police warned residents to take precautions after a man dressed as an EMT claimed to be performing a wellness check at a residence

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The Pepperell Police Department said a suspicious man posing as an EMT walked into a residence Saturday night.

Photo/Pepperell Police Department Facebook

By EMS1 Staff

PEPPERELL, Mass. — Police in a Massachusetts town are warning residents after a man posing as an EMT entered a home late Saturday night.

The Pepperell Police Department said the man was dressed like an EMT and claimed to be performing a well-being check when he entered the residence at 10:45 p.m., according to WHDH.

The residents said the man seemed to become nervous and left after they questioned him.

Police said residents should take precautions to avoid burglary by using security systems such as alarms and surveillance cameras.

“Residents are also reminded to keep their doors locked at night and when they are away from home, and to never let someone into their homes who they do not know,” police said.

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