Photo of the Week: Sunstar Paramedics celebrates 5 years with $35,000

An innovative bonus program offers a lucrative financial reward if enrollees stay with the agency

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In October of 2015, Sunstar Paramedics developed a 5/35 Bonus Plan, designed to payout $35,000 to enrollees if they stayed with Sunstar for 5 years. 

Recently, Sunstar held a ceremony for the first 15 paramedics to complete the program along with their families. The program continues at Sunstar to this day and has inspired similar programs at other agencies throughout the country to boost recruitment and retention. 

“The retention bonus is a win-win for Sunstar and those who enroll and complete the program. It is designed to reduce the cost of turnover, which plagues the EMS industry, and to provide a significant financial payout for the enrollee,” said John Peterson, chief operating officer of Sunstar.  Since beginning the program, it has had a positive impact on Sunstar’s ability to retain paramedics for longer periods of time, which is critical in maintaining the level of patient care required by the ambulance provider.  

In addition to the 5/35 plan, Sunstar has added the 3/6/9 Bonus Plan, another retention initiative with payouts at 3, 6 or 9 years which offers a more lucrative financial reward if enrollees stay the entire 9 years.

Photo/Sunstar Paramedics
Photo/Sunstar Paramedics


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