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Pregnant mom follows ‘mama bear instinct’ to suck snake venom from son’s foot

The traditional first aid treatment is dangerous and ineffective; venom did not spread to the woman or her fetus


FOLSOM, Calif. — A mother who is nine-months pregnant attempted to suck out the venom when her 4-year-old son was bitten by a rattlesnake.

Jaclyn Caramazza said her son Vinny stepped on a baby rattlesnake while walking along a bike path, FOX43 reports.

Caramazza took of Vinny’s shoes, and saw two puncture marks. His ankle started to swell and turned purple.

“Mama bear instinct in me decided to suck the venom because that’s what “Bonanza” does,” Caramazza said.

Chris Stoots with California Fish and Wildlife advises against that course of action to suck the venom from the wound.

“Absolutely don’t do that,” he said. “Use your basic wound type stuff; soap and water, wash the area, keep it clean and call 911 immediately.”

The venom did not spread to Caramazza or her unborn son. Her son Vinny is recovering.