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Where is the place for ChatGPT in EMS?

Putting generative AI to the test

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“Tell me a time when you were stressed and how you dealt with it.”

You’ve like heard, answered or asked a variation of that question in one or more interviews during your career. But how can interviewers get more from their questions?

In this episode of Inside EMS, cohosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss a recent article by Lexipol Editorial Director, Greg Friese, MS, NRP; “How to use ChatGPT for paramedic interviewing, selection.”

In the article, Greg outlines how leaders can use Chat GPT to craft panel interview questions, and a sample prompt:

I am interviewing applicants for a full-time job as a paramedic at a busy, private ambulance service that responds to 911 calls and interfacility transport requests. One component of the process is a panel interview with the operations supervisor, a field training officer and an experienced paramedic. Recommend five scenario-based questions the panel should ask each applicant.

In this episode, Chris and Kelly put Greg’s prompt to the test and debate if we should be using AI in our daily work in EMS.

Listen in as our hosts discuss:

  • Other use cases for generative AI in EMS – from scenarios to deployment plans
  • How AI is a potential resource – as well as a potential headache – for educators
  • Takeaways from the recent 2023 NAEMSE Symposium
  • Flattening the forgetting curve – retaining training

And don’t miss a side debate: Is there a case for prehospital ultrasound?

Memorable quotes

“When we think about interviewing, that’s when people really will put the dog on; they are giving us the very best of who they are and we are just getting answers to questions that may or may not be true, and we really have to try to decipher, but how do we challenge these people who are coming in?” — Chris Cebollero

“Our dean walked into the office and said, ‘I need you all to start thinking about how we can use ChatGPT and generative AI to enhance and augment our paramedic program.” — Kelly Grayson

“The better you are at writing prompts and giving it some specific direction, the better content it’s going to churn out for you.” — Kelly Grayson