Patient safety culture supports self-reporting

An organization's culture reflects their perception of patient safety and influences the decisions and choices that are made

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"Culture plays a foundational role in any organization as it shapes the attitudes and perceptions of leaders as well as front line coworkers. The national EMS safety council understands that developing and cultivating a culture of safety is critical."

— National EMS Safety Council

Scenario: There has been a mistake during a call. An EMS crew of two seasoned providers recognize that the mistake could affect the patient’s outcome. They want to report it and know that reporting it is the right thing to do, but, privately, they are worried about what may happen to them and what others will think. The crew reports the event to the emergency department nurse and physician and then contacts their supervisor before leaving the hospital. 

There has been a mistake during a call.
There has been a mistake during a call. (Courtesy photo)

Ask yourself: Is your cultural climate based on a model of shared accountability which supports self-reporting? 

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