Medic Mindset Podcast: How to become an EMS ‘lifer’

Mitigate the effects a career in EMS can take to nurture your career longevity in EMS

By Medical Mindset Podcast

Our host Ginger Locke ran into a medic recently and noticed he looked rested, happy and healthy. She asked him the recipe of his secret sauce, and he replied, “Things got better once I realized this job was actively trying to kill me. I have to fight back.” He went on to describe the purposeful effects he takes to mitigate the effects of the job.

That’s the nature of this work … if you float along unconsciously and don’t actively take care of yourself, it can be hard to make a life-long career in EMS. In this episode, our guest shares what it takes to become what has been affectionately termed a “lifer.”

If you’re one of the listeners who visit Medic Mindset Podcast to remember what you love about EMS, this episode is for you.

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