Medic Mindset Podcast: Critical care with Eric Bauer

An EMS educator and flight medic encourages listeners to stay curious about intubation, ventilators and EKGs

In this episode, host Ginger Locke pulls back the curtain a bit on a well-known EMS educator, podcaster and flight medic, Eric Bauer. He is the founder and CEO of a critical care education company.

Ginger listens to his podcast, has attended one of his courses and has formed a friendship with him over the past year.

They discuss critical care topics like acid-base balance, intubation, ventilators and EKGs. They also discuss leadership topics, including mentoring. She even gets some marriage advice out of him.

Listen in as Ginger picks the brain of the man you want to know if you have any interest in becoming a flight medic or a better ground medic.

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