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LODD: N.C. paramedic dies after medical emergency

Mecklenburg EMS Agency Paramedic Mark Hayes had been a part of the Medic team since 1997


Mecklenburg EMS Agency - Medic

Duty Death: Mark Hayes - [Charlotte]

End of Service: 13/05/2023

By EMS1 Staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Mecklenburg EMS Agency – Medic paramedic passed away on duty on Saturday. Medic released a statement announcing that Paramedic Mark Hayes passed away due to a medical emergency. Hayes had been a part of the Medic team since 1997.

The statement read, “It has been an honor to serve beside Mark and we stand with his family and friends in grief. Please keep everyone in your thoughts during this devastating time as we hope for peace and healing in the coming days. Our hearts also go out to those who, both with Medic and CFD, were called to respond to one of their own. We have it from here Mark. You are deeply missed already.”[0]=AZXmcamnSynZn7dvTcOAo_n22CFWSovTXp7pd48ktUpxxc60iUkULxmL5r4VhPh61I-bppICotJ8EcrUhF-ZSMicJzQ1LBWxLiEV06qWCdm8AzE1tOtRpGRPBheKYMK1lB4kv2CiMYcVi_ZBOgRFwnDB&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

“This tragic development has had a profound impact on Medic and its employees,” John Peterson, executive director, Mecklenburg EMS Agency, said. “On behalf of Mark’s coworkers, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this time of solace.”

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