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Misplaced decimal point may cost Mo. ambulance district thousands

The Tri-County Ambulance District intended to seek a tax levy increase of 8 cents, not 0.08 cents


A ballot error may barely move the Tri-County Ambulance District beyond its current 27-cent tax levy.

Photo/Tri-County Ambulance District

By Leila Merrill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The words on the April 5 ballot may prevent the Tri-County Ambulance District from receiving most of the funds it sought from a tax-levy increase.

Almost 60% of the votes were in favor of the increase, but there’s a problem, KSHB reported.

Last year, the Tri-County Ambulance District Board of Directors agreed to put an 8-cent tax levy increase on the local ballot, but “0.08 cents” was on voters’ ballots.

Tri-County Ambulance District, which serves parts of three counties, may wind up with 100 times less money than it sought.

The current levy is 27 cents.

The Missouri State Auditor’s Office may sign off on an increase to 27.08 cents instead of the intended 35 cents.

The net effect could be $2,000 more instead of $200,000 for things such as higher wages.