Calif. EMS providers urge a 'no' vote on ‘deceiving’ Prop 11

Dozens of EMS providers protested against the ballot measure which they say eliminates private companies’ liability for violating legislation that would keep the current practice of staying on call during breaks in place

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Dozens of EMS providers protested this week against a ballot measure they call deceiving and designed to protect private ambulance companies from lawsuits over existing work break laws. 

Your Central Valley reported that paramedic and EMT unions gathered at the capitol to urge the public to vote “no” on Proposition 11.

"This initiative is simply about liability protection,” United EMS Workers Executive Director Jason Brollini said. “It's covered with a lot of fluff, covered with active shooter training and mental health help.”

Those opposed to the proposition point out that EMS providers are already compensated for meal breaks that they miss, their radios and cell phones are always on. They say the law has been on the books for years. Therefore, Prop 11 is intended to protect companies from liability from existing lawsuits.

According to, a "yes" vote on Proposition 11 would support: 

  • allowing ambulance providers to require workers to remain on-call during breaks paid at their regular rate;
  • requiring employers to provide additional training for EMTs and paramedics
  • requiring employers to provide EMTs and paramedics with some paid mental health services.


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