UK paramedics now able to prescribe medicine

A new law allows advanced paramedics to prescribe medicine to patients who need help, but do not need to see a doctor

By EMS1 Staff

LEEDS, England — A new law in England allows advanced paramedics to prescribe medicine to patients who do not need to see a doctor.

BBC reported that around 700 paramedics will be trained and qualified to write prescriptions to patients they treat at home, with the idea that it will reduce hospital transports.

"It will make it easier for them to receive treatment at home, eliminate the need to see a second professional in many cases, and reduce the need for transportation into hospital that isn't clinically necessary,” Patients Association chief executive Rachel Power said. "They will be able to start treatment without delay, which for some will be critical."

Advanced paramedic Gemma Walsh said the new ability is a “fantastic development.”

"It will allow us to really complete our care,” she said. “Going to a patient, we already do thorough history assessments, coming up with working diagnoses and management plans, and being able to complete that care will be of complete benefit to the patient."

"Increasing the range of treatments offered by paramedics closer to people's homes is another significant step in transforming emergency care, as ambulance clinicians increasingly become part of community urgent treatment services,” a National Health Service spokesperson said.


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