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Several hurt after man hits pedestrians with hijacked Norwegian ambulance

The suspect driving the ambulance hit a stroller carrying two 7-month-old twins, who were taken to a hospital with minor injuries


OSLO, Norway — Norwegian police said Tuesday they had arrested an armed man and a woman in connection with the theft of an ambulance that ran into several people in the capital Oslo.

No one was seriously injured, and there was initially no indication that the incident was related to terrorism, Oslo police said on Twitter.

Erik Hestvik, who led the police operation to arrest the pair, said both were previously known to the police.

Two guns - a shotgun and a semi-automatic weapon - were seized when the ambulance came to a halt in the district of Torshov.

The woman, who was on the run for a few hours, looked like she was high on drugs, police wrote on Twitter earlier.

The male suspect is a 32-year-old Norwegian. He was still in the ambulance when he was arrested and is suspected of attempted murder, the deputy head of Oslo police, Johan Frederiksen, said.

The ambulance hit a pram carrying two 7-month-old twins, who were taken to hospital with a woman pushing the pram. Both twins had minor injuries, Hestvik said.

An elderly married couple were also taken to hospital with minor injuries. It was not apparent if they were hit by the ambulance or hurt when attempting to get out of the way.

Hestvik said several shots were fired in connection with the arrest, but the male suspect was not hit by shots and not seriously injured.

Some witness accounts said police fired shots at the ambulance’s tyres and police vehicles attempted to ram it.

The incident began with a car crash reported at around 12:30 (1030 GMT). An ambulance dispatched to the scene was then stolen.

“The ambulance was hijacked. The three personnel who were in the ambulance were physically unharmed but of course shaken by the incident,” a spokesman for Oslo University Hospital told news agency NTB.

Police were able to track the ambulance via GPS and set up cordons to trap the vehicle.


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