Israeli EMS holds MCI drill tailored to aiding individuals with special needs

The agency used the simulation to train first responders on how to handle victims with special needs

By EMS1 Staff

JERUSALEM — Volunteers from Israel’s national EMS organization, United Hatzalah, held a mass-casualty training exercise with participants from Alei Siach, an organization that provides programs and services for individuals with special needs.

The exercise took place Aug. 22 and drilled the proper response to a terror attack involving individuals with special needs.

An Israeli EMT in an MCI drill with a special needs patient.
An Israeli EMT in an MCI drill with a special needs patient. (Photo/United Hatzalah)

United Hatzalah volunteers learned to properly control the scene and worked on their communication skills with Alei Siach volunteers. Medical personnel were also able to practice triaging and treatment for multiple victims.

At the end of the training exercise, the two organizations made plans for future collaborations.

Alei Siach was founded by Rabbi Chaim Perkal, whose daughter was diagnosed with autism. The organization was currently helps hundreds of families across Israel.

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