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Video: Woman gets stuck in donation box, calls 911

She accidentally dropped a tennis bracelet in the box and got stuck while trying to dig it out

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Firefighters rescued a woman Saturday who got herself stuck inside a charity donation bin.

The Oklahoma City resident accidentally dropped a tennis bracelet in the box, according to KVEO. To retrieve it, she crawled inside — and got stuck in the process. And while trapped, someone made a delivery.

“This lady stopped a while ago and I said ‘excuse me, can you help me,’ and I guess I scared her so bad she sped off because she was putting something in here,” the woman told the dispatcher from inside the box.

“I bet you did scare her,” the dispatcher said.

Although she waited a couple hours before calling 911, the woman did not suffer any major injuries, according to the report.

“I came down here and was kind of looking around, looking around, looking around and I got inside it,” the woman told police. “And I have MS so it doesn’t take much before I start really cramping up and hurting, you know. And I can’t get out.”

One fire official said she likely became dehydrated during the ordeal as the box can become quite hot, even during the early-morning hours.

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