Top 6 bizarre car accident calls

There's probably a few that stand out; let's hear em

Updated July 10, 2014

As a paramedic or EMT, it’s nearly impossible to avoid being called onto a car accident scene.

During your career, there’s probably a few that have stuck out in your mind as, well….interesting.

So, we posted a question to our EMS1 Facebook wall asking our fans the question, “What’s the most bizarre car accident you've ever been called to?” We received some unusual, amusing and puzzling responses. Check out the responses below and if you have a bizarre incident to share with us, be sure to add it in the member comments section below.

1. "I responded to a guy that was choking on a McDonald's hamburger. He went into a deep ditch, went airborne and ended up across the railroad tracks against the wall of a wrecking yard." — Paul Kessler

2. "Responded to 52 cars, trucks, RVs and tractor trailers in the fog. There was one medical code, one active labor and one ambulance was rear ended by another ambulance. Overall, 40 patients were transported and one rescue involved a person pinned under a car. We were on the scene for six hours." — Mark Harris

3. "A pickup truck full of watermelons crashed into a brick wall and smashed watermelons filled the inside of the cab." — Shanna Schulze

4. "A truck lost several 50-pound bags of potatoes on the interstate causing another vehicle to stop as though it hit a brick wall. There were potatoes everywhere!" — Amanda Moore

5. "I have been on a call due to the driver sneezing!" — Brenda C Kidd

6. "A guy getting pleasure from his girlfriend in his car and parked on the railroad tracks...just in time for a Westbound train to hit them. Both were drunk. The female passenger ended up in the back seat of the car, which had been dragged about 200 feet down the tracks. Both of them survived." — Eric Doc Liddy Sr.

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