NY EMT accused of making racists remarks on the job

A New York EMT made off-color remarks to a colleague, and on social media, concerning incidents she responded to

By EMS1 Staff 

NEW YORK — An NYU Langone EMT is under investigation for allegedly sending racist messages to a colleague and posting off-color messages on social media.

According to News WTKR 3, a colleague of EMT Cathy Albano reported racist remarks Albano made when describing an incident she responded where she treated two stabbing victims.

The colleague said she text Albano asking her what the status of the situation was and Albano replied, "Just the animals stabbing each other."

The colleague also noticed derogatory remarks about work incidents on social media, including about a mass shooting in the city of Brownsville that left one person dead and 11 injured.

"Last night all hell broke out in Brownsville with over 11 people shot, they were all screaming for the police," Albano wrote in the Facebook post. "Why are you yelling for the police. The police are too busy trying to dry out their uniforms from the water bucket attack. Stop calling the police when your ass is in danger, call a crackhead instead."

NYU Langone officials are investigating the allegations.

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