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Rhino Rescue speeds into the future of first-aid supplies with New Year resolutions for 2024

Propelling lifesaving measures with user-friendly innovations in 2024


Rhino Rescue Courdura Mini IFAK

Photo via Rhino Rescue

Press Release

SHANGHAI - As the New Year unfolds, Rhino Rescue, a global innovator in premier first-aid supplies, would like to take a moment to reflect upon and celebrate its remarkable achievements of 2023. With an astounding 580% increase in sales on its standalone website, the brand has truly soared to new heights. Building upon this success, Rhino Rescue is proud to proudly announce its ambitious goals for the year ahead, setting the stage for an exhilarating journey throughout 2024.

“We are incredibly proud of the achievements we have made over the past year. Our team’s dedication and hard work have boosted us to new heights, and we are confident in our ability to continue this upward trajectory. As we look back on 2023, we are filled with gratitude for the milestones we have reached and the lessons we have learned. Now, with renewed enthusiasm, we eagerly embrace the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024.”, said Jenny Lee, CEO of Rhino Rescue.

Flashback to 2023: Celebrating Milestones and Achievements in Rhino Rescue’s Journey

Global Footprint: With first-aid products sold in 96 countries worldwide, Rhino Rescue has successfully expanded its market reach, making a global impact. The humanitarian efforts of the company have been nothing short of exceptional, having helped save over 100,000 lives. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and effectiveness of Rhino Rescue’s products.

International Partnerships: Rhino Rescue has forged significant collaborations with over 150 organizations. Partnerships with entities such as Nanoq Guide Services & Survival Training in the USA, Medicina Táctica Colombia, Jednostka Strzelecka 3102 GRYF in Poland, BOSPOLAND, and BEAR-N Academy in France have further enhanced Rhino Rescue’s capabilities and expertise.

Evolving Products: To continually innovate and meet the evolving needs of its customers, Rhino Rescue has introduced approximately 50 new product packages. These impressive additions include two trauma kits: Cordura mini IFAK, CMS mini IFAK, and some medical supplies, such as pneumothorax access kits, Chitosan-based products, twin-pack chest seals, and quick-response compressed gauze. This product update showcases Rhino Rescue’s commitment to staying at the forefront of life-saving technology and providing the best solutions for emergency situations.

Soaring Sales: Rhino Rescue has seen a surge in its market performance, with the company’s website witnessing a 580% boost in sales. Furthermore, sales on Amazon have risen by 173%, indicating the growing demand for Rhino Rescue’s life-saving solutions.

Johanna Decker, an EMT/Paramedic from Germany who is also a loyal customer of Rhino Rescue, has transformed her passion for wildlife conservation into a lifelong mission of rhino conservation. Johanna’s encounters with orphaned rhinos and witnessing their suffering and resilience have fueled her determination to raise awareness about the poaching crisis and support rhino conservation efforts. She volunteers in a rhino orphanage, where she realizes the importance of equipping wildlife heroes with essential medical supplies. “I was very grateful when I received the Rhino Rescue products and brought them to Namibia. I know that the guys in the APU are now optimally equipped for emergencies and that gives me a very good feeling. This is a great help for rhino conservation. I hope they never need to use it, but when are they ready for it? It will help a lot.”, said Decker.

Embracing 2024: Empowering the Future of Rhino Rescue with Enhanced Products for Increased Life-Saving Efficiency

Rhino Rescue is gearing up for a promising 2024, with plans to launch five new products, including two patented outdoor first aid kits. The company is also set to showcase at six industry events, notably Arab Health 2024 in late January. These strategic moves are expected to bolster Rhino Rescue’s growth and reinforce its standing as a key player in the industry.