Medics hospitalized after suspected allergic reaction to uniforms

Nearly 30 medics have reported rashes and welts all over their bodies

SOUTH AUSTRALIA — Uniforms worn by South Australian paramedics may be causing an allergic reaction.

Nearly 30 paramedics have reported rashes and welts all over their bodies, and two medics were hospitalized. The Ambulance Employees Association said the reactions were “strikingly similar” to an incident in 2006 were 160 paramedics suffered allergic reactions to their uniforms, that they are “deeply concerned.” Reported 9News

The union also called it “unacceptable,” and said paramedics would come to work wearing casual clothes if action was not taken.

SA Ambulance service said a sample of the uniforms will be sent to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and those affected will be offered a cotton replacement uniform.

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