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end picture Working Fire Training is a monthly program presented in a “magazine” format with segments introduced by on-camera anchors. It is IFSTA-based and follows NFPA codes and standards. On each monthly program, your department receives 5-6 segments between eight and twelve minutes in length, divided into specific areas. This is not a library; you own and keep the material. It is available via DVD or online via download or video stream.

Click on to to view a complete program. Following is a description of our monthly program:

“Fireline” Segment

Actual incidents and analysis interviews/lessons learned with the responders who answered the call:
· first-in crews
· battalion chiefs
· fire chiefs
· EMS, etc.

Incidents could include fires, rescues, vehicle extrications, hazardous material responses -- anything that a fire department or brigade might respond to.

“Hands-On” Segment
Specific training evolutions on a particular task or exercise. These may include classroom sessions and/or field evolutions. Again, anything that can be trained on may be presented. Sometimes “Hands-On” is presented as a multi-part series over several months. Or we might feature an expanded single segment on a program instead of two shorter ones. All training is IFSTA- and NFPA-based.

“Fire Medics” Segment
Designed for the firefighter/paramedic or EMT, “Fire Medics” covers anything that might be important to EMS or medical responses in general. These segments could be task-specific medical training similar to “Hands-On” or actual medical incidents gathered during response calls with EMS crews.

“Evolutions 2000” Segment
This is our program area for other areas of interest to firefighters. Featured every month in is “Kramer vs. Kramer.” This is a short debate between Fire Chief and Professor Bill Kramer, our Educational Consultant, who debates both sides of an issue as the chief and the academician, offering an opportunity for members of our subscribing departments to earn Continuing Education credits toward their Associates or Bachelors degree at the University of Cincinnati by watching Working Fire Training.

Basic subscription: $698 per year; $410 per year if insured by VFIS insurance. Price includes shipping. Add $50 for monthly delivery via the internet.

Training Guides/Materials
Training guides come with every program. You receive:
• a PowerPoint training guide with embedded video to reinforce training taken from the main video program
• downloadable .PDF training materials suitable for printing
• discussion questions and quizzes in both formats to test for proficiency — a great feature should a legal challenge ever arise involving the need to prove training was conducted.

Working Fire Training is accredited through the University of Cincinnati Fire Science Program and is accepted by a number of states (North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, and the California Department of Forestry, to name a few) toward fulfilling state-mandated Firefighter/EMS training hours. Our “Fire Medics” segment will count toward your requirement of mandatory Paramedic training hours if it is viewed in the presence of a licensed Paramedic.

For More Information
To find out more about our monthly program, visit our web site at monthlyprogram.html. There you will see details on each segment of the program with video clip examples.

This is a collection of hundreds of archived incidents and training segments, subdivided by category, and available for video streaming or downloading. It’s a great tool for teaching a specific lesson or using the material as content for original training you may be creating. Also available with chalkboard911. Call for pricing.

Designed for larger departments and mutual aid partners, chalkboard911 is a learning content management system which allows your trainers to create and share training to departments and members. Members are enrolled as students and can access training materials/courses online.

Chalkboard911 has robust tracking tools so student-members' progress can be viewed by trainers in a myriad of ways; by course, by department, by specified groups, etc. Training can be developed in literally any format in use today and uploaded for presentation by members. The program also includes the Working Fire Training Monthly Program and access to The Training Officer’s Toolbox. Access to Firefighter I & II online is also available. A system like this is a tremendous way to distribute training without taking crews out of service, removing travel time and expense, and all the logistics that go with setting up in-class training. Call for pricing.

To Subscribe:
You may subscribe to, or purchase any of our Working Fire Training products by contacting us:
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