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What is the best way to listen with a stethoscope?

Here are some beginner tips for using a stethoscope; add your own thoughts to the comments

A question posted on Quora asks, “What are some beginner tips for using the stethoscope?” Emily Altman, a dermatologist at Summit Medical Group, gave her opinion on the topic. Read her response, and add your own thoughts to the comments.

There are a number of sites where you can learn where to place the stethoscope to listen to particular heart, arterial, lung or bowel sounds. Many of these sites will also have examples of what normal and abnormal sounds are like and what these abnormal sounds mean.

For example:

Also, look at the video Stethoscope Basics for EMT.

And most importantly, never miss the opportunity to listen to every physiologic sound you can, particularly normal ones. Your family and friends will think you are a pest, but it is a great education!

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