Top 6 reasons air medical agencies need EMS employee scheduling software

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Efficiency and time saving are key in all air medical agencies. The need to create complex schedules and communicate that schedule out to the team in a timely manner is a critical process, which requires the most reliable software and workflows to be in place.  Fortunately, with the advancements in technology, the majority of air transport organizations have transitioned into online employee scheduling software to increase operational efficiency and communication efforts.

Most generic employee scheduling software and products on the market do not support the unique needs of air medical agencies. For a rescue team to provide the best quality service available to their communities, they need an efficient way to communicate and stay organized. This is especially true with an air transport team since they are used in many remote environments and long-distance flights. Having reliable communication and organized schedules can mean safety for not only the patients but crew members as well.

To ensure that agencies have the best tools and resources to keep their team safe and organized, it is important that they use an employee scheduling software specifically designed for the Air Medical sector of the EMS industry.  Below are the key differences between a generic employee scheduling software system (such as an HRIS), and an EMS employee scheduling system designed for the Air Medical Sector.

Flexible software 
If a scheduling software company is EMS focused, they understand the vast differences from agency to agency. A feature that may be a benefit for one organization, could end up being time consuming and unnecessary to another one. An EMS employee scheduling software will have all the available features on hand, but only show the used features within your database and workspace. By doing this, agencies are able to use what they need now, with the security of knowing that if the agency changes their processes, the software will be able to change with them.

Simple Management
Managing your software should not be a task within itself. Once everything is set up, agencies should be able to move around the software with ease and not have to find work around solutions every step of the way. Alongside simplicity, EMS scheduling software should provide client support and built-in improvements and upgrades free of charge. The EMS world and requirements within the industry are constantly changing and your scheduling software needs to ensure you stay current and compliant.

Advanced Communication  
Communication is critical in Air Medical Agencies and most scheduling software’s have some sort of messaging system. Because EMS agencies are unique, they also require a unique type of communication system. Being able to automatically notify employees of schedules, changes, and open shifts are one of the most common uses for an EMS scheduling software. Whenever shifts or changes are published for viewing, the software should be able to automatically push out notifications to employees. EMS scheduling systems for Air Medical are also able to send alerts and messages of new company policies and mandates that can be enforced by requiring an employee to acknowledge the message before being allowed to access the system again.

Valuable Group Permissions
Between flight paramedics, pilots, nurses, dispatch, administrators, schedules, and management, there can be a lot of employees in an agency doing many different jobs. Group permission is an excellent feature found in many EMS scheduling software that controls the permissions each person has when using the scheduling software. For example, flight paramedics may only need access to self-service tools (clocking in, viewing the schedule, request time off), while a scheduler would not only need the self-service features, but also the scheduling permissions. Group permissions are a way to make the team more efficient and save time by only showing employees the features that are relevant to their job.

Reliable complex-scheduling capabilities 
In addition to managing tasks such as generating schedules, sick call outs, filling open shifts, time off requests, and shifts bids, an EMS employee scheduling system can assign shift patterns and tie certifications into job roles and specific qualifications.Advanced EMS scheduling software offers more than just scheduling features. From online time clocks that coordinate directly with the schedule to creating weekly time cards, ePro Scheduler has everything you need to manage your day to day tasks.

Insightful EMS Reporting Software
Reporting on data can determine whether your operation is on the right track and headed for future success. It also can prevent any important information from falling through the cracks. EMS Employee scheduling systems that automate reports for upper management can allow operations to create comprehensive data reporting and analysis that will work to improve efficiency and save time.

ePro Scheduler Plus is Everything Needed for EMS-Air Medical Employee Scheduling
Running an EMS agency requires time and dedication; flight paramedics, pilots, and nurses need a reliable solution for their EMS scheduling needs. Every function of an EMS employee scheduling software is designed with the Air Medical industry in mind.

eCore Software Inc. has over 15 years of proven success with ePro Scheduler. Our product has everything an Air Medical operation needs from automated employee scheduling to sick call-out management and schedule change notification.

ePro Scheduler for Air Medical is an EMS employee scheduling software catered for your flight and air ambulance departments. With solutions for Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and Payroll reports, ePro Scheduler provides custom solutions for each of our air transport clients.

ePro Scheduler makes it simple to manage small operations and gives larger operations the flexibility they need to oversee multiple stations.

If you are in the EMS industry and need a scheduling software that works for you, get in touch with us today to request your free demo.

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eCore Software Inc. is a leading provider of web-based software applications. Our products have been providing value to public service organizations like EMS operations, fire departments and 911 dispatch agencies since 1998. Our flagship product ePro Scheduler is an industry leader in integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll and continues to be the workflow solution selected by the leading high performance EMS operations across the US. For more information on everything eCore has to offer, or to register for a free demo, visit our website!

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