36 Rover™ Kits Deployed In Wisconsin in Active Shooter Preparedness Move


Following the successful feedback and response to ROVER Kits, Wisconsin invests further  and provides  an innovative approach  to saving lives at active shooter incidents

Green Bay Wisconsin, April 25, 2016– With funding from NEW-HERC (Northeast Wisconsin – Health Emergency Response Coalition) Law Enforcement Supervisors and EMS Officials will soon be armed with a total of 36 Rapid Onset Violence Emergency Response kits, or ROVER™. These kits will be strategically placed in certain vehicles to maximize coverage in the region. Each of these vehicles will be marked with reflective window decals alerting first responders to the availability of this life saving equipment. Police Officers and Medics from all over NE Wisconsin will be trained on how to deploy and use the suitcase- sized toolkit so they can efficiently coordinate information with each other on scene, rapidly assess and treat the most critically injured and remove them from harm’s way safely and efficiently.

The toolkit addresses the new paradigm shift among EMS, Firefighters and Law Enforcement to work as a team immediately after arriving on scene with a more coordinated and efficient approach.

“We’ve seen hundreds of active shooter incidents where EMS and law enforcement each setup separate command posts, essentially working in different silos. This is extremely counter productive and ultimately leads to long delays in getting to critically injured patients. We need to get Medic’s hands on these patients inside of 15 minutes from point of wounding. It’s the only way we will see positive clinical outcomes. ” – Bob Otter, Kingfisher Medical Vice President, Fire Department Captain and Product Inventor

ROVER™ features a whiteboard with pre-printed cues for command staff, as well as information gathering and personnel accountability tools, a number of IFAK trauma kits with rapid intervention supplies to treat those most seriously injured and additionally, ROVERincludes the military grade Xtract®2, a lightweight device that cocoons victims for a faster and safer extraction from the scene. The Xtract®2 folds to the size of a bread loaf, yet is strong enough to lift or drag victims away to a casualty collection point with fewer emergency personnel.

“We believe every community should have this emergency kit available to its responders, as the first line of defense during an active shooter or hostile intruder incident” - Dave Taylor NE Wisconsin Regional Trauma Coordinator

ROVERessentially gives the incident commander everything he or she needs to coordinate his/her personnel and come up with a game plan; rapidly assess and treat the treatable; efficiently package the injured and ultimately remove them from harm’s way. It is a fully turnkey response solution which assists responders in dealing with some of their most challenging types of incidents.

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