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eSchedule launches new form Designer Module

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eSchedule — A powerful workforce management software platform designed for public safety & first responders — recently launched a new module: Form Designer. The feature offers the ability for police, Fire & EMS departments to design custom online forms to be accessed and filled out by employees.

By utilizing an easy-to-use drag & drop interface, administrators can quickly build forms for things like check sheets, incident reports, injury reports and shift hand-off reports. Virtually any type of existing form can be created online. The module offers the ability to send e-mail alerts for entries as well as restricting access to view/edit form entries based on a number of different permission levels.

Form Designer is available as an add-on module to all eSchedule accounts. Pricing is flat-rate based on the number of employees and includes the ability to create an unlimited number forms.

For more information about Form Designer, visit the eSchedule website.


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