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24-7 Training… Take a Look at us Now!

As a long-time participant in the world of emergency medical services and fire protection, I have been fortunate enough to watch the “digital revolution” take hold in our corner of the world. It seems appropriate to use our new blog to welcome you to our reconstructed website and fill you in on the amazing things we have been doing to create the next generation of 24-7 EMS and 24-7 Fire training products,geared to the way we learn.

Our biggest change has been in the move to online learning and training administration. We worked with EMS and Fire leaders, educators and responders to create a convenient and flexible online training platform for both classroom and individual use. Stream any course video into any classroom at any time or schedule individual online courses for responders to take when it is convenient for them. Agency memberships include a complete online training administration system for scheduling, tracking, and reporting, not just for our courses but for every training class or task you do.

If you like to create your own training courses, take advantage of our course authorship tool. It’s the same one we use to create our courses.

If you still like using DVDs… no problem, we still create DVD versions of all of our courses.

We are currently more than halfway through the process of refreshing our entire library of nearly 100 24-7 EMS courses.This ensures our courses are consistent with the most recent EMS Education Standards and have a consistent structure and feel.

Our 24-7 Fire course library continues to grow offering nearly 60 course titles for firefighters, fire inspectors, and officer development. These courses provide a great choice for professional development and drill evolutions.

To help you get the most from your 24-7 experience, we have put together a series of ongoing webinars about our products and services. These webinars can be accessed through the home page on our website. In addition, be sure to sign up to receive continuing blog notices when we post a new entry.

Stay tuned for lots of new and exciting things planned for you as we continue to move forward. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or comments. Your feedback is one of the key ways we continue to improve what we provide to you.

Take care and thank you for choosing 24-7,

Bill Rowe, V.P. Brand Management, Professional Responders