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New Trellchem VPS-Flash Suit is now Certified to NFPA 1991-2005 with Flash Fire Protection® announces the next evolution of Flash Protective Hazmat Suits - Trellchem VPS-Flash. The Trellchem VPS-Flash is Fully certified to NFPA 1991-2005 with the Optional Flash Fire included, and does not require an overcover!

This unique reusable, single skin, one layer suit is made of a new patent pending garment material developed and produced by Trelleborg Protective Products. The material is a combination of specialized rubber and plastic laminates, which together with a special woven fabric forms a strong and flexible material that offers outstanding chemical flash fire protection. Additionally, this material exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion, punctures, tears and superior chemical resistance properties.

The Optional Flash Test within NFPA 1991 includes 2 additional certification tests that go above and beyond the normal NFPA 1991 standard:

Flammability Resistance Test: After a series of burns on all materials used within this suit, they must not ignite, and have to self-extinguish within 2 seconds (Trellchem VPS-Flash self-extinguishes in 0 seconds!)

Overall Ensemble Flash Test: The full ensemble is exposed to a 6-8 second flash fire, and afterwards needs to both hold pressure and pass a visual acuity test of 20 / 100 or better.

In both of these additional tests, the Trellchem VPS-Flash far exceeded the minimum requirements, and all with just a single layer (no overcover is required)! Additionally, the VPS-Flash comes standard with the following:

-Impact Resistant Hard Visor
-Superior Neoprene closure
-Easy Don/Doff Bayonet Cuff System
-Anti-Fog Lens (virtually eliminates all condensation!!)
-High-Visibility Orange Color
-Highest material abrasion resistance

For more information on this suit, or to request a demonstration of this unique garment, please feel free to contact Trellchem directly at, or call us at (800)344-4458.