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MSA’s New Evolution® 5200 TIC Has Next-Generation Performance and MSA-Exclusive Features

Evolution® 5200 TIC Pittsburgh, Pa. - MSA announces the Evolution® 5200, a new thermal imaging camera (TIC), with next-generation performance and exclusive features. While offering many of the same features of MSA’s Evolution 5000 TIC, the Evolution 5200 is the first TIC to incorporate technology that provides high-quality imaging in temperatures above 300 F.

The Evolution® 5200 TIC, features the widest “high-sensitivity” temperature range, allowing the camera to produce high-quality images in temperatures up to 320 F. Based on industry research, firefighters spend 80 percent of their time in structural fires in temperatures between 150 and 300 F. Until the introduction of the MSA Evolution 5200, TICs could function only in high-sensitivity mode in temperatures below 190 F. When temperatures exceed 320 F, the MSA 5200 TIC switches into a low-sensitivity mode, yet produces twice the image quality as any other TIC, resulting in images with more detail and definition.

The MSA 5200 TIC also provides enhanced imagery that incorporates shaded, heat-seeking color pixels, which help reveal the intensity and direction of a fire. The differences in color shading - from light yellow to orange to very dark red - indicate changes in structural temperature.

For more information about MSA’s Evolution 5200 TIC, call 1-888-MSA-0018, contact your nearest MSA distributor or visit MSA’s web site