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DGI’s CoBRA® Aided in Homeland Security at DNC and RNC

Alexandria, VA - Defense Group Inc. (DGI) continues support of first responders in the Global War on terrorism in New York City and Boston by providing software with a new “tactical mapping” module for event security at the recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Emergency response solutions, including CoBRA® software and Itronix rugged laptops, were deployed to several key federal agencies including FBI, Secret Service, DC Capital Police, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) as well as state and local response teams in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. Inauguration under FBI sponsorship.

The new tactical mapping module in CoBRA® includes a complete site virtual walkthrough and tactical response plans - with links to appropriate contingency, emergency response and evacuation plans for each venue mapped. These tools give responders who have limited prior knowledge of a location insight into the layout and potential hazards. The CoBRA® solution was used by responder agencies as a training tool during pre-event planning exercises as well as during the actual events. Locations mapped for the program included the Fleet Center in Boston and Madison Square Garden in New York. Inauguration under FBI sponsorship.

The tactical mapping module was embedded in DGI’s CoBRA® software, which is an easy to use system that provides users with the necessary interactive tools, guides, ICS forms, SOPS, checklists and incident reporting infrastructure to manage any critical incident. Inauguration under FBI sponsorship.

This program was funded by the FBI Bomb Data Center. Similar support is also planned for the January 2005 Presidential Inauguration under FBI sponsorship.

About DGI
Since 1987, DGI has been assisting federal, state, and local government agencies in their response to potential incidents involving biological and chemical agents, nuclear weapons, radiological materials, and conventional explosives. DGI has provided its products and services to the FBI, the Pentagon, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, DOE, and National Guard as well as corporations such as MCI WorldCom and Bristol Myers Squib. DGI’s CoBRA® family of products provides first responders with efficient coordinated response through recognized SOPs and checklists, dissemination of intelligence reports, and standardized incident reports. DGI’s thick client architecture ensures that the system remains operable even when communications systems have been temporarily lost. For more information on CoBRA® and DGI, visit their website at or contact Amy Kozlowski at (703) 706-4193 or at