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Defense Group Inc. Announces New Leadership

Alexandria, VA - Defense Group Inc. recently enhanced its management staff with the addition of Chris A. Boehm who has joined DGI as the new Group Vice President for the CoBRA® group. Mr. Boehm brings with him over twenty-five years of management and technology development experience, including executive positions at American Management Systems, Inc., National Information Consortium Inc. and Litton PRC.

“I was attracted to DGI for their technology prowess, the CoBRA® product capability and its applicability to the first responder community,” states Boehm. “The company continues to move forward with innovative solutions where competitors fall short. I wanted to be a part of a strong, winning team.”

“I welcome the addition of Chris to DGI as leader of the CoBRA® team as it continues to build reputation and user loyalty while preparing first responders to protect the homeland,” said Gary Aubert, President. “I expect his outstanding capabilities will substantially add to the CoBRA® group and product line that continues to grow and gain wider acceptance in the response community. Our responsibility is to keep abreast of changing requirements and technological opportunities, and Chris’s leadership will make a real difference.”

About DGI
Since 1987, DGI has been assisting federal, state, and local government agencies in their response to potential incidents involving biological and chemical agents, nuclear weapons, radiological materials, and conventional explosives. DGI has provided its products and services to the FBI, the Pentagon, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, DOE, and National Guard as well as corporations such as MCI WorldCom and Bristol Myers Squib. DGI’s CoBRA® family of products provides first responders with efficient coordinated response through recognized SOPs and checklists, dissemination of intelligence reports, and standardized incident reports. DGI’s thick client architecture ensures that the system remains operable even when communications systems have been temporarily lost. For more information on CoBRA® and DGI, visit their website at or contact Amy Kozlowski at (703) 706-4193 or at