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PHASE (formerly Binder Lift) launches an online class for safely moving patients of any size to address the nationwide emergency care provider shortage

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BIGFORK, Mont. — PHASE (Patient Handling and Safety Experts), a supplier of patient handling equipment and training for emergency care providers, recently launched a new CAPCE-accredited continuing education course, titled “Mastering Patient Handling: Move Patients of Any Size – Safely and Easily.”

“One of the biggest challenges Fire and EMS leaders are facing is the nationwide workforce shortage. While we cannot assist agencies in recruitment, we can support them in retaining their current staff by providing solutions and training that will help them avoid the job’s most common cause of injury” stated by Rick Binder, Chief Executive Officer at PHASE.

Fire and EMS agencies are also facing budget cuts and reimbursement limitations, so it’s hard for the average organization to pay for specialized training. Realizing these limitations, PHASE has partnered with Prodigy EMS to offer the class without cost.

Anyone can create a free account with Prodigy EMS and access the accredited course by visiting Mastering Patient Handling.

Without routine training in utilizing proper patient handling techniques and equipment, the outdated techniques from the past will persist, resulting in chronic pain and preventable injuries.

Departments and organizations are urged to take proactive measures to ensure that personnel receive regular training in effective patient-handling techniques, thereby safeguarding both the well-being of providers and the longevity of their careers.

“In light of the national workforce shortage, stopping injuries where they happen most is more important than ever,” Binder said. “By offering the class for free we hope to help departments and organizations retain employees without straining their budgets.”

About PHASE (Patient Handling and Safety Experts)

We’re on a mission to empower emergency care providers to have longer and healthier careers by providing the equipment and training necessary to safely move patients of any size with ease. All our products and services are science-backed solutions that help emergency care providers avoid patient-handling-related injuries. What began as a single product, the Binder Lift, has led to a team of Patient Handling and Safety Experts (PHASE) who have proven experience in helping emergency care departments reduce personnel injury and improve patient care. PHASE is a family-owned business that brings our family values to the workplace. When you do business with us, you’re more than a customer. You’re family. So, let’s connect. We look forward to helping you. To learn more, visit